i was taught good manners
“yes sir”, “yes ma’am”
tip my hat to the ladies
that’s the kind of guy i am
born to tennesee hills
my family farmed the land
raised on hard work
i earned my farmer’s tan

i’m the country type
down to earth kind of guy
backwards by a country mile
half crazy, half wild
the country type
redneck bonafide
straight up, no bull, no hype
the country type

when push comes to shove
you can bet i’ll shove right back
the last thing you wanna do
is to mess with my hat
i’m proud to be american
a beer drinkin’ son of a gun
workin’ til the cows come home
then work as hard to have some fun


girl, you’re from the city
so let me help you understand
there ain’t nothing stronger
than the love of a country man


girl, you should know by now this ain’t no hype
i’m the country type

©2015 Wes Tibbets and floyd jane. All rights reserved.


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